ThermTX 44-TTX | 44″ Industrial 3-in-1 Calendar Heat Transfer System

ThermTX 44-TTX | 44″ Industrial 3-in-1 Calendar Heat Transfer System

ThermTX 44-TTX

The ThermTX 44-TTX is an industrial 3-in-1 calendar system with a 44” wide transfer area and an industry leading 7.8” heated drum for roll-to-roll, cut-sheet and direct fixation transfer applications. The ThermTX 44-TTX calendar comes loaded with great features including precision sensors for accurate temperature settings, automatic NOMEX felt belt alignment system, fast media loading and centering mandrels, integrated sports table for easy cut sheet tansfers and more. In addition, the ThermTX 44-TTX has a one year warranty, making it a great value with cost effective pricing.

Ideal Applications

Ideal for transferring high quality images onto polyester fabrics, the ThermTX 44-TTX is able to image roll-to-roll and cut sheet applications such as dye sub banners, soft signages, displays, cut and sew dye sub, sportswear, ladies/mens/fitness garments and more.

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ThermTX 44-TTX

  • 44-inch Transfer Area with 7.8” Heated Drum for Fast Production Runs
  • Temperature Accuracy is Controlled by a Precision Infra-Red Sensor, Ensuring Consistent Transfer Process
  • Fast Warm-Up and Cool Down Times--Saves Energy and Labor
  • Mechanically Adjusted Belt Without the Need of Compressed Air--No Belt Adjustment Neccessary
  • All OMRON® Controllers and Heat Couplings for Years of Stability
  • Quick Chuck® Self Locking Mandrels--Secures and Centers Cores Precisely
  • Material Loading: The ThermTX is Equipped with 6 Mandrels; 3 for Feeding and 3 for Take-up after Sublimation
  • Spring Loaded Take-up Mandrels: A unique feature to ThermTx® range. Cores are Easily Positioned Directly onto a Spring Loaded Mandrel for Accuracy and Ease of Use. No Tools Required
  • Media Centering Un-wind Mandrels: All Unwind Mandrels Include a Material Centering System which Allow Users to Quickly and Accurately Load the Calendar
  • Automatic Cool Down Function: Electric Supply is Disconnected when the Drum Reaches 76°C
  • Integrated Fixed Sports Table: Allows Cut-Piece and Roll-to-Roll Transfer Applications
  • Receptacle for Cut-Piece: For Catching Cut-Pieces for a Clean and Safe working Environment
  • Plexiglass Front Cover: Protects Users from the Feeding Mechanism and Risk of Burns; Protects Felt Belt and Drive System from being Damaged by Foreign Objects
  • Emergency Stop Buttons: 2 Easy Access Emergency Stop Buttons from Front and Rear of Calendar
  • System Override: If Any of the Safety Features are Activated, the User Must Press the Reset Button to Restart the Calendar
  • Thermo Isolation: All Exposed Surfaces have been Thermo Isolated to Protect the User from the Risk of Burns while in Operation
  • Auto Cool Down/Shutoff: When Turned Off, the Heater Drum will Automatically Shut Down when Safe Temperatures are Reached
  • Anti-Ghosting System: A Proprietary System of Tension Bars Separates the Textile from the Transfer Paper after Sublimation to Prevent Image Ghosting on the Fabric. The Belt is Easily Adjusted for Thicker Items
  • Transfer onto All Polyester Fabrics, Cut-and-Sew Dye Sub Apparel Jerseys, Flags, Banners and More
  • One Year Warranty on the Unit
Product Name ThermTX 44-TTX 3-in-1 Calendar
Maximum working width 44” (1180mm)
Maximum temperature 428°F (220°C)
Diameter of drum Ø 7.8” (200mm)
Heating system / Elements 1
Heating time from room temperature to 200°C 30 min.
Digital display of temperature Yes
Belt material Nomex®
Speed exposure time 40 seconds 71 yd / hr - 1.18 yd / min , 65 m / hr - 1.08 m / min
Speed exposure time 90 seconds 18 yd / hr - 0.30 yd / min, 17 m / hr - 0.29 m / min
Safety features Safety cover in front of the rollers with safety switches and reset button on the control panel
Number of mandrels included 6 mandrels, 3 feed, 3 take-up
Maximum material roll dimension Upper position 13.8” (350 mm) Mid front position 13.8” (350 mm) Low front position 13.8” (350 mm)
Maximum roll weight 100 Lbs (45kg)
Power 15A (Ø1-220V)
Dimensions pending
Warranty One Year

Product Description

  • 44-inch Wide Calendar Heat Transfer System
  • 3-in-1 Capability: Roll-to-Roll Transfer, Cut-Sheet Transfer and Direct Fixation
  • Precision Sensors for Consistent Temperature Settings
  • Media Centering Un-Wind Mandrels
  • Automatic NOMEX® Felt Belt Alignment and Protection System
  • Integrated Sports Table for Cut-Piece and Roll-to-Roll Transfer Applications
  • Unique Spring Loaded Take-up Mandrels
  • Anti-Ghosting System with Thermo Isolation
  • No Compressor Needed
  • 7.8” Drum Diameter for Fast Production Runs
  • One Year Warranty


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