• GO 920WT Dark T-Shirt Super Bundle

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    GO 920WT Dark T-Shirt Super Bundle

    The OKI pro920WT is revolutionary white toner transfer bundle for dark shirts and hard surfaces including the OKI pro920WT tabloid sized LED transfer printer, starter set of CMYW toner, industrial 16″ x 20″ Stahl’s Hotronix Fusion heat press, set of Forever Laser Dark transfer paper, GO Logo graphics centering ruler GO Fabric pen with disappearing Ink, GO Pro shirt folder and Fruit of the Loom t-shirt.

    Ideal Applications

    The OKI proColor 920WT features a revolutionary high definition white toner with vibrant, outstanding color images for transferring to white and dark t-shirts of various fabric types. Promotional applications include t-shirt graphics, garment decorations and hard surface applications such as mugs, ceramic, wood and more.

  • OKI 711WT White Toner LED Transfer Printer

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    OKI 711WT White Toner LED Transfer Printer is a high speed LED white toner transfer printer imaging up to 8.5” x 14” in full color and white for apparel transfer and other heat transfer applications

    Ideal Applications

    Print full color and high definition white cost effectively with the OKI 711WT. Its small footprint, compact design and affordable entry level cost provides the complete transfer solution. The 711WT outputs vibrant, outstanding color and revolutionary high definition white for transferring up to 8.5” x 14”. Image onto white or dark t-shirts, garment decorations, hard surface applications and many promotional market items.

    How to Print

    OKI 711WT can print any type of file. Vector files are best for heat transfer applications.

  • OKI C711WT

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  • OKI C831-TS (CMYK) LED Transfer Printer

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    OKI C831-TS (CMYK) LED Transfer Printer

    Superior technology and impressive speed with a compact footprint.

    A robust second generation transfer technology, the OKI C831-TS outputs with super fast print speeds and a remarkably small foot print. Even more, the C831-TS offers the most advanced color technology in the marketplace for printing on to transfer paper and substrates from letter-sized up to banner-sized sheets of 52”. The OKI C831-TS prints up to 35 monochrome letter images with the first page printing in as little as 9.5 seconds. At those speeds, you’ll have more time to spend on what’s really important: your business.

    Gorgeous transfer output.

    Expect the outstanding transfer output with the OKI C831-TS. HD Color Printing technology delivers beautiful results from this compact, easy-to-use printer. High-definition LED arrays put color on paper with exacting accuracy, while a straight-through flat paper path handles transfer paper for a variety of applications. An advanced control system constantly checks alignment, registration and color balance.

    Maintenance-free for less.

    The OKI C831-TS does it all for less. Produce superb transfer prints on-demand and with minimal maintenance for a complete transfer solution you can afford. There’s no print heads, no inks and the maintenance is basically the on/off switch.

    Unmatched warranty support.

    OKI is so confident in the reliability of its technology that a 2-year limited on-site warranty is offered for parts and labor, and the LED arrays are under warranty for an industry-leading 5 years.

    Ideal Application

    Application possibilities include transfers on light and colored t-shirts, metallic foil transfers on black t-shirts, hard surface transfers such as ceramic, glass, wood, mousepads, coasters, mugs and more.

  • OKI proColor 920WT LED White Toner Transfer Printer

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    OKI proColor 920WT White Toner Transfer Printer

    The OKI proColor 920WT is an innovative, high speed and affordable LED white toner transfer printer which uses a revolutionary white toner to image onto black, colored and white t-shirts and other substrates using transfer media.

    The proColor 920WT is cost effective, powerful and efficient – printing up to 36 pages per min of high quality prints, your return on investment is tremendous.

    Ideal Applications

    OKI’s proColor 920WT’s ultra-reliable digital LED print technology maintains high volume printing, consistent quality and versatile media handling. Users will get faster workflows, high print speeds, beautiful colors, ease of use and maximum up-time.

    The OKI proColor 920WT printer features a revolutionary high definition white toner with vibrant, outstanding color images for transferring onto black and colored t-shirts of various fabric types including cotton, polyester, silk, 50/50 cotton/polyester blend and more. Other applications include t-shirt graphics, garment decorations, hard surfaces and much more.